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Kathy Nolan, Director of Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction, Kathy.Nolan@ncsuvt.org334-5847, ext. 2024

Jeanne Bonin, Mathematics Instructional Specialist, Jeanne.Bonin@ncsuvt.org802-334-5847, ext. 2023

Kathryn Miller, Program Coordinator, ENCORE After School Program, Kathryn.Miller@ncsuvt.org334-5847, ext. 2033

Nicole Gaboriault, PreK-3 Literacy Instructional Specialist, Nicole.Gaboriault@ncsuvt.org334-5847, ext. 2023

Kim Gannon, 4-12 Literacy Instructional Specialist, Kim.Gannon@ncsuvt.org334-5847, ext. 2023

Diane Govoni, Administrative Assistant, Diane.Govoni@ncsuvt.org334-5847, ext. 2023

The North Country Supervisory Union Office of Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction is committed to supporting NCSU staff and administrators in securing high-quality learning experiences for all students.


NCSU Curriculum Development and Review Guidelines identify a cycle of regular curriculum review and revision in all content areas to support current content requirements and standards.


Recognizing that the most effective instruction is guided by careful, ongoing research of student performance, the CAI supports teachers’ regular and ongoing assessment of student learning to determine next instruction.


CAI professional learning programs help teachers understand the Common Core State Standards for learning and the instructional practices that will best support students in meeting their rigorous expectations. Learning opportunities include inservice work, graduate courses, and after-school workshops. CAI supports educators in providing students with quality classroom instruction through mathematics and literacy coaching residencies, through ongoing coaching support, and through its new-teacher mentoring program. The CAI office is invested in building expertise in a base of teacher-leaders who are able to provide support to their colleagues.


The Office of Curriculum, Assessment, and Assessment provides leadership and coordination in the following areas:
  • Development, implementation, and review of PreK-12 curricula
  • Coordination of professional development for teachers and administrators
  • Oversight of the Teacher Mentoring Program
  • Oversight of Coaching Residencies
  • Development, coordination, and management of state and federal grant programs
  • Oversight of Title I Intervention Programs
  • Coordination of services for homeless children
  • Oversight of the English Language Learner (ELL) Program
  • Coordination of testing services for Para-educators

Mathematics K-5