NCSU Literacy 3-8


This site is intended as a place where we can share literacy materials and discuss questions, issues, and ideas related to our practice. Please watch for additional documents and information and feel free to post your questions and ideas.

In the NCSU Writing Assessment 3 - 8 page, below, please find the NCSU Common Literacy Assessment Calendar along with the materials you will need to administer the In Common informative/explanatory writing prompts in October (grades 3 - 4) or November (grades 5 - 8). These prompts take the place of previous common writing prompts. Please download and print the files that match your grade level assignment(s). Be sure to read the teacher directions so that you are aware of the timeframe and process for this performance assessment.  Also listed below is a document containing the SBAC writing performance rubrics. Please notice that these rubrics are aligned to grade bands (3 - 5, 6 - 8) and to the different text types.