Information on Childhood Diseases

  • The Vermont Human Services presents: The Parent Page 
  • Raising a child is glorious responsibility filled with precious and, at times, challenging moments. As parents seek answers to their questions or look for support, there are many resources available to provide information and link parents to others with similar interests or expertise. This section is designed for parents of all children who are interested in learning what information and support may be out there. 

The Education Resources Information Center 

  • The Education Resources Information Center (ERIC), sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) of the U.S. Department of Education, produces the world's premier database of journal and non-journal education literature. ERIC provides a public Web site for searching nearly 1.2 million citations going back to 1966 and, with contributor permission, accessing more than 110,000 full-text materials at no charge. ERIC is moving forward with its modernization program, incorporating new technologies to facilitate the addition of materials and help users identify, evaluate, and obtain education-related research and other materials.

AAWARE Approaching Autism with Advocacy, Recovery and Education. Offers parent support: (802)249-7961 or (802)229-4665 or email:

Assistive Technology (AT) Program 

  • A statewide resource for AT information, referral, consulting, training, demonstrations, technical assistance and outreach. Includes workshops, conference presentations, AT try-outs and short term equipment loans.  
  • (802)241-2672, (802)241-1464 TTY or 1-800-750-6355.

Autism Society of Vermont and Autism Information Center 

  • Working with organizations and agencies to further the interests of people with autism. Book and video library. 
  • Toll free:(800)559-7398 or (802)436-2888

Autism Support Daily 

  • Support to parents of children (all ages) with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • Email:

Center on Disability and Community Inclusion 

  • Services/supports to individuals with developmental disabilities, their families, schools and community organizations, interdisciplinary training, technical assistance, research, evaluation and dissemination of information.
  • (802)656-4031 or (802)656-8499 TDD

The Continence Project 

  • Toilet training resources for children and adults of all ages regardless of their disability. Information, referral, or assistance identifying training and support needs. 
  • Training for providers and parents on toilet training and interagency collaboration.
  • CDCI/UVM (802)656-3131

Child Development Division 

  • The Child Development Division is the state agency charged with improving the well being of Vermont's children by ensuring safe, accessible and quality services are available for every child. 
  • 1-(800)649-2642 or (802)241-3110

Child Development Clinic 

  • Child Development Clinic is for children (generally under age 8) who may have a developmental delay or disability. They provide developmental evaluation services, follow-up and referral to community services. This clinic is offered in Burlington, Barre, St. Johnsbury, Middlebury, Newport, Rutland, White River, Brattleboro and Bennington.
  • (802)863-7315 or 1800-660-4427

Children with Special Health Needs 

  • Provides a large selection of services to children who have complex health conditions, birth to 21, and to their families.
  • (802)863-7338 or 1-800-660-4427

Disability Law Project 

  • Free legal service for Vermonters with disabilities and their families.
  • 1-800-889-2047

Early Childhood Programs 

  • Provide educational services (including Essential Early Education) and screenings for your children ages 3-5. Contact you local school district.
    • CNSU       Lyndonville area     (802)626-9755
    • ECSU       Gilman/Concord area   (802)695-3373
    • OSCU       Albany/Barton area   (802)754-2225
    • NCSU       Charleston, Derby, Island Pond, Newport, Troy area   (802)334-5704
    • WSWSU   Hardwick area     (802)472-5229 
    • CASU       St. Johnsbury area   (802)748-4744

Early Head Start / Head Start 

  • Offers a variety of quality services to families in the Northeast Kingdom including health screenings for all children. Children with special needs are welcome.
  • For a program in your area call (802)525-3362.

Family, Infant and Toddler Project 

  • Family centered early intervention services for infants and toddlers who have a medical condition or a delay in their development, ages birth to 3 years.
    • Orleans/Essex Region    1-800-253-6621 or (802)766-9244
    • Caledonia Region           1-800-299-6609 or (802)748-6609
    • Lamoile Region              1-800-639-1932 or (802)888-5529


Healthy Babies 

  • Collaborative with the Health Department, Visiting Nurse Association and the Parent Child Center. Outreach, support and education.
  • (802)334-6707 or (802)748-5151.

Hearing Outreach Project 

  • Assists in the early detection of hearing loss, hearing tests/screenings birth to 7 years old.
  • 1-800-537-0076 (Voice/TTY).

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill Vermont 

  • Public, education, advocacy and support by and for mental health consumers, practitioners and families of those with serious mental illness. Helpline, legislative/system advocacy and support groups
  • Email: or (802)244-1396 or 1-800-639-6480

Northeast Kingdom Community Action (NEKCA) 

  • Community action program serving Essex, Orleans and Caledonia counties with programs to strengthen families and improve the lives of citizens with low income
    • Canaan           (802)266-7134
    • Island Pond     (802)723-6245
    • Newport          (802)334-7316
    • St. Johnsbury  (802)748-8997

NEKCA Parent Child Center 

  • Resources and programs including: youth development and services, child care subsidy, help for single mothers to 24 years of age, teen center, outreach, anger management, crisis management, reach-up and many other services.
  • (802)334-7316  

Northeast Kingdom Human Services 

  • Provides for outpatient counseling and psychiatric treatment for children and adults
  • CUPS (Children's Upstream Services) provides consultation and case management services to families with children ages birth to 6 who are experiencing challenging emotional and behavioral issues. Services are also provided to childcare providers and early educational programs. 
  • (802)334-6744, (802)748-3181 or 1-800-696-4979

Orleans County Citizen Advocacy 

  • Building and supporting one-to-one relationships between community volunteers and individuals with developmental disabilities of all ages (in Orleans County only) 
  • (802)873-3285

Orleans-Essex Visiting Nurses Association and Hospice, Inc. 

  • Provides a variety of services that include nursing, personal care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, nutritional guidance, home health care, pediatric care, case management and medical social work services. 
  • (802)334-5213
Success by Six/Building Bright Futures 
  • Supporting families through communty activities, playgroups, parent education, referrals and more. Parenting classes available
  • (802)766-5331 - Success by Six
  • (802)334-4371 - Parenting Class

Vermont Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired 

  • Provides comprehensive support, training and services to visually impaired consumers of all ages.
  • Email: or 1-877-350-8838

Vermont Center for Independent Living 

  • Provides information, referrals, peer and systems advocacy and direct services for individuals with disabilities.
  • 1-800-639-1522 (Voice/TTY)

Vermont Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing 

  • Provides icomprehensive educational and support services to deaf and hard of hearing children, adults and families.
  • (802)258-9500 (Voice/TTY)

Vermont Coalition for Disability Rights (VCDR) 

  • "Nothing about us without us." Advancing human and civil rights of people with disabilities to ensure full and equal participation in all aspects of community life and the political process.
  • Email:  1-800-639-1522

Vermont Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health 

  • Training, information and support to families of children experiencing or at risk of emotional, behavioral or mental health challenges. Assists adults with disabilities to navigate systems for family support.
  • Email: 
  • Parents' Hotline: 1-800-639-6071

Vermont Kin as Parents 

  • Committed to support relatives who are raising children and to educate the public and community partners about the joys and difficulties these families experience. Resources, information and support available 
  • (802)871-5104 or (802)871-5109

Vermont I-Team 

  • Collaborative technical assistance to local educational or early intervention teams and school districts for students weth intensive educational needs. Consultation, professional development and family support services. 
  • (802)656-3131

Vermont Legal Aide 

  • Assisting parents of children with disabilities with educational, housing and public benefit issues
  • 1-800-889-2047

Vocational Rehabilitation 

  • Youth with disabilities learn about their knowledge skills, capabilities and interests for the world of work. Newport:(802)334-6794

The Wellness Center 

  • Support groups and information sharing networks.
  • (802)334-5566