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Logging in to the Single Sign-On System

posted Jul 22, 2016, 5:06 AM by John Peters   [ updated Jul 22, 2016, 5:10 AM ]

In our efforts to simplify the login process for students and faculty, we are in the process of implementing a Single Sign-On (SSO) system.  Identacor SSO is a web resource that compiles the most commonly used NCSU apps and stores the authentication data of NCSU computer users.  In an effort to minimize the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) available to Identacor, only four pieces of data are exported for each user; First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Display Name.  Unlike some other SSO systems, Identacor cannot anonymously or randomly pull data from our systems, all data transfers are controlled and initiated internally by the NCSU IT Department. 


The authentication mechanisms are different depending on the application used.  In the case of Google and Office 365, those systems can be synchronized with our local usernames and passwords so that the end users only need one set of credentials to login.  Other apps may require the user to enter their username and/or password once and then it is stored in the system for future use.


Google Apps for Education have already been integrated through the SSO system.  We plan to integrate Office 365 and more importantly your NCSU email account next Friday July 29, 2016.  Once integrated into the  SSO, your existing email accounts will require a password change on your mobile devices.  If you are using a mobile device you will need to change your password ahead of time in the SSO system so you will have your new password when the system requests it.  (If you use the same password for the SSO that you currently have in your email on your mobile device, you may not be prompted for a change.)


To change your password ahead of time, please follow these steps:

1.       On any computer please go to https://ncsuvt.startsso.com

2.       Login with your email address and this default password: Ncsuvt31

3.       Upon login you will be asked to change your password. 

4.       Once you have changed your password please record it.  You will also have access to the Single Sign On web page.

5.       When the change is complete, you will be asked to enter your password the first time you go to email on your smartphone of mobile device, please use the password you created in the SSO. (If you use the same password for the SSO that you currently have in your email on your mobile device, you may not be prompted for a change.)

6.       For convenience I am enclosing a file attachment on the Identacor SSO system.


Finally if you have any questions or need assistance, please contact John Peters, Director of Technology at john.peters@ncsuvt.org or call at (802)334-5847 ext 2018.