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Policies Being Reviewed

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March 2018 Policy Notice

Approved by NCSU Policy Committee on January 18, 2018:

NCSU Common Board Policy E.11 Travel Reimbursement (new policy)

NCSU Common Board Policy D.20 Educational Workshops and Conferences (revised)

January 2018 NCSU Policy Notice

    G.11 Responsible Use of Personal and District Devices for Network & Internet Use

     J.4 Student Medication

January 2018 Local Policy Notice

    D.19 Holland Support Staff Terms and Conditions

    D.19 Newport Town Support Staff Terms and Conditions

October 2017 Policy Notice

   E.12 Monitoring Devices (with strike-outs)

   J.7 Federal Child Nutrition Act Wellness Policy  (proposed, with strike-outs),  Final Version (without strike-outs)

   G.7 Educational Support System (with strike-outs)  

June 2017 Policy Notice

    D.25 Superintendent Supervision and Evaluation (existing policy with proposed changes)

    J.7 School Nutrition and Fitness   (existing)

    I.1 School Bus Transportation (with strike-outs)

    G.3 Field Studies and Co-curricular Field Trips (with strike-outs) 

    G.3P Field Studies and Co-curricular Field Trips Procedure  (with strike-outs) 

  Proposed for rescission:  F.38 Success in the Regular Classroom (existing policy)

April 2017 Policy Notice

Financial Policies for Review, Rescission or Revision:

        1. NCSU Financial Policies for Review, Rescission or Revision

         2. VSBA Finance Policies

March 2017 Policy Notice

F.12 Student Attire

F.24 Homeless Education Act


D.13 Public Notice

F.11 Student Attendance

F.13/F.14 Student Activities (with mark-ups)

F.14 Student Activities (new)

G.1 Curriculum Development, Coordination and Implementation (final)

G.1 Curriculum Development, Coordination and implementation (with mark-ups)

G.16 Instructional Placement   (to replace G.16 Grade Advancement)

G.16 Instructional Placement (with mark-ups)

G.16 Instructional Placement (Final)

F.13 Student Activities (Elementary)

F.14 Student Clubs and Activities

F.15 Interscholastic Sports

D.19 NCES Support Staff Policy Revised

D.26 Transfer of Staff

D.6 Substitutes

H.2 (New: with mark-ups) Community Use of School Facilities (to replace current H.2 Community Use of School Facilities)

H.2 (Final) Community Use of School Facilities

VSBA E.20 Community Use of Facilities

H.2 P Community Use of Facilities Procedures being Reviewed

E.1 Fiscal Management

E.3 Financial Accountability

VSBA F.20 Fiscal Management and General Financial Accountability

E.4 Financial Reports and Statements

VSBA F.21 Financial Reports and Statements

E.2 Budgeting

VSBA F.30 Budgeting

E.5 Risk Management

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